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Introducing New Cats in New Home

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I've searched this forum and the internet a bit looking for tips to introducing new cats to each other, but I have a slightly different situation. I am moving into a new home with a new roommate (after previously living alone), and my new roommate has two cats (3 yr old female, 2 yr old male). She will be moving in first, and I will be moving in a week or two later. I don't know much about cat territory, but I'm afraid her cats will 'claim' the common area before my cat has any chance. I'm not sure how my cat will fall into place, either - she talks a good talk the times I've seen her briefly encounter another cat, but she hides any time she feels uncomfortable in general. She apparently used to live with 60 other cats in a hoarding situation, but I don't know if that would affect her ability to get along with other cats. One of my roommate's cats is from a different hoarding situation, as well (they actually all lived in the same shelter at the same time, but I doubt they had any contact). I know they might not all be friends, but I will be really sad if she's too afraid to venture out of my bedroom. Does anyone have any tips for ensuring she has a stake in the land? Or am I just left with hoping they work it out. I was thinking of spreading her hair around the place before anyone moves in haha, and they have been given one of her blankets in advance (which they were fascinated with and now spend a lot of time snuggling on).
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