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Introducing Quincy and Aristotle

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I'd like to introduce you to my two "sons", Quincy and Aristotle (aka Ari) :)

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Just wondering how you tell them apart? The only difference I can see from browsing the pictures, is Quincy seems to have a darker brown mark of an upside down Y on his nose. Any other way you can tell them apart, on the rest of their body? Who's bigger?

There's a couple cats at the shelter I volunteer for that look exactly the same except Oscar has a black spot on his chin, and Felix's whole face is white. Unless I can see their chins, I dunno who is who!
OMG, they are handsome boys! How old are they?
Congratulations on your new babies. They are beautiful.
Thank you all. :)

I really have trouble telling them apart in their faces, although I think Ari's eyes are a bit farther apart than Quin's.

And regarding age: They're 13 weeks. :)
finally (someone else who names after philosophers :))

quincy and aristotle jones.

ari has round eyes. quincy's have a slightly flattened edge at the top. i'd still end up calling them by each other's names.
bengals? They have that look, like they'd clash with any patterned furniture. hehehe, they are gorgeous though. :)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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