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Hi my name is Lee Ann we live in the Pocono Region of Pennsylvania. I'm 39, single and mom to 3 great cats.

First off Jigzy. She is a 12 year old spayed female Cymric Calico. She is an excessive groomer and had recently gotten a lion cut. Cute but chilly. She is the apple of my eye and has been with me since I got her as a kitten. We've been through a lot together. She has a constipation problem. She will go fine for awhile then she ends up with this huge poop ball at the end of the track and can't pass it. 3 vet visits for enemas in the last 4 months. Prescribed W/D

Second, Stormy. Stormy is a neutered male Cymric silver mackerel 4 years old. Ironically he is afraid of storms. He recently visited the vet due to painful urination and blood in urine. Tests found he had crystals and a slight infection. They prescribed A/O and an antibiotic. Symptoms cleared up immediately.

Last but not least. Terra. She is the newest addition. Rescued from a local non-kill cat shelter she is all black and crazy as can be! She is 4 months and healthy as an ox.

I will be posting a feeding question when I'm able too. It's impossible for me to feed all three cats different foods. Both HATE the prescription foods and barely eat. Stormy refuses to eat it at all. Jigzy will take a bite but thats it. I pray there is a food out there that is perfect for all of them.

Plus I'm interested in learning about dry vs. wet. They LOVE the wet food. I see some say no fish. I need to look into this more as well. Of course fish is their favorite.

If you can help me now please post if not I will see you in the regular forum when permitted.

Hugs & Purrs to all!
Lee Ann, Jigzy, Stormy and Terra.
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