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I am a 74 year old still working in good health who until fairly recently had 2 long time kitty companions ( 18 and 10 ) I lost the 18 yr old last year but he had been an active healthy guy until shortly before he had to be put down
Now I am having a really hard time resigning myself to having my kitty companion of 10 years put down...He has lost sight in 1 eye due to glaucoma and he is not doing well....He has been on 2 meds for a little over a week and is a little improved but nowhere the kitty he was 3 weeks ago. I cannot justify spending over $1000. to have the eye removed ( inc. meds visits etc.) The research on the net seems to agree that he will be in pain without surgery....:sad
I would appreciate any advice from anyone who has had this experience with their Kitty
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