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Hello. This is KittyCat 1. I am a new member with a 2 year old Cream Tabby Persian. I have an unusual new problem I'd like to post in the Behavior thread for advice.
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Hi! I'm new here too and came to get some advice on a problem on of my cats is having too! Hope you get the advice you're looking for :)
Welcome. The more the merrier! I am back after a long absence due to family responsibilities.
Pretty new here myself. So hi from another n00b!
Welcome! Hope you get your questions answered!
I am new here as well. Welcome and looking forward to sharing great experiences with your furry friends.
Hi meow from Alcy I'm also new.... Excited :) to learn new things
I am new here too and hope to get some advice on ferals and give some advice to others.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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