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I'm going on vacation in a couple months, and hoping to have Martin stay with my parents for the week while I'm gone. The problem is that they have a cat too, Thelma.

Is there a way to have them stay together for such a short period of time?

We tried to introduce them at Easter, I brought Martin over, and it wasn't great.

Thelma is about 7-8 years old and has been the only cat since we brought her home when she was 1. She's not an attacker- she cornered a mouse once, but didn't know where to go from there.

She seemed really interested in Martin at first, they sniffed each other while he was in his carrier for a while, and once he was out just seemed curious and they touched noses and everything. Then Martin started exploring... once he came back he kept backing sweet little Thelma Pants into a corner/shelf/under the couch and keeping her there. After he jumped at her a couple times I decided it was time for him to go home- I didn't want him to terrorize Thelma in her own home.

He is so long and strong looking compared to her, I don't think pudgy Thelma has it in her to lay down the law to him.

Is there anyway this can work? If it needs to happen, he can be separated onto one floor while she has the other 2 while their over there. But it would be so spectacular if they could be short term buddies.

Has anyone had success with cat sitting introductions? Home visitors? Spoiled chubby princesses laying down the law to a strong giant young man(cat)?

Side info- they are both fixed and should be up to date on shots.

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For one week, I wouldn't bother even trying. Keep them separated and they'll both be happier and less stressed. Unfortunately, you can't put cats together to make friends quickly like you can with dogs. I sure wish we could, though! :grin:

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18,372 Posts usually takes a few weeks to do a proper introductions with adult cats. Not worth it for a one week visit. I would keep them separate for the week. Martin could be kept in one room for the time and be just fine.
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