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Ok, Kyra is current on all vax's AND had one of the two leukemia shots. Tucker is current on all vax's but does not have any of the leukemia shots. Trevor is of questionable medical history(no info). How big is the actual danger of letting them interact as is? Any vet I know of that I could go to for an aids/leukemia test would charge me upwards of 100$ when all is said and done, and probably insist on jabbing him. As it stands now, I do not have the extra 100$ to get this done until at least next month sometime. He looks and acts and feels and behaves wonderfully healthy, but I am very protective of my other animals. I mean, his ears are even sparkling clean! I am going to wait at least 10 days from when we found him, putting it at the 13th/14th. Thoughts? The only reason I am so ancy to intro them is he is stuck in the bathroom, and they are stuck in the bedroom just to have a double line of defense between them.... =/ I don't have a larger room than the bathroom to put him, unfortunately.

I subscribe to the minimalistic vaccine school of thought. Tucker was vaccinated against my wishes by a scumbag vet who I no longer go to. Seriously, this guy was scum. Kyra was done before I knew better. I do titer tests, and only vaccinate if their antibodies are low enough to warrant it.

As it stands, not only do they not interact, but we don't go between the cats without changing clothes first even. Not Kyra and Tucker, those two are together pretty much 24/7. Best of buds.
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