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Is my cat suffering from accute deppresion?

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Well a few months ago my mom and dad forced me to put my cat Wanda outside and keep her out there. She is NOT an outside cat btw. Well she spent the next few days trying to get back in.

Now sometimes she dose make it back in when i go out in the backyard sometimes, and when she dose, she starts running arround SCREAMING at everybody, she yowls and yowls and yowls and doesnt stop and i cant figure out what she wants.

When she is inside she wants out and when she's out she wants in, like she cant make up her mind. Also she has lost her possistion among the inside cats so she goes around pee'ing on everything.

And before we made her an outside cat she was VERY overweight, now she is VERY skinny. She used to be very protective over the food, now her mom(cleo who was also forced to go outside but doesnt have ANY problems) doesnt let her eat any, i have to poor htem seperate bowls.

Not to mention i thnk she may have diabetes =/.
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My mom says "we'll keep an eye on it.". But its like, she's an outside cat, all we do for them is feed them and pet them when we go outside to do something temporarally. We never keep on eye on them!

Not to mention she usually never dose anything for my sick cats except wait for them to die.

She didnt take my sick kitten to the emergancy hospital just because it cost to much. Its a kittys life for crying out loud, i would gladly pay all my lifes savings to save it :cry: .


Goodbye my wanda :cry: .
I think you guys are missunderstanding. My cats are not feral, they were all home raised(Cleo was a kitten from a stray cat that was braught in thoe).

Cleo and Wanda now spend all their time in the backyard. But they are not stray. They are just not inside (like they should be :evil: ).

I will try to talk my mom into taking Wanda to the vets thoe. But recently thoe, Wanda seems to be adjusting (wich i find weird), she was laying on the porch, and didnt yell at me to let her inside... :shock: .
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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