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Hello - I'm a new poster and wonder if anyone can help me determine whether I need to worry about my two cats. Mab is just over 2 yrs old and was bought at the same time as my other cat, Seven. Although they came from different places, they grew up together and were pretty close. Sadly, Seven died suddenly in August. As I did not want Mab to be on her own for the rest of her life, I got another kitten - Cicely - about a month and a half after Seven's death. Mab was not agressive towards Cicely at all on her arrival, more just curious, but Cicely was terrified of Mab. Gradually, Cicely has become less afraid but conversely, Mab seems, to my mind, more aggressive. Most of the time there's no problem as Mab will keep to herself in another room and this is not unusual for her. Also, they eat at the same time from the same bowls, share their litter trays and will even, very occasionally, come sit with us at the same time peaceably. But aside of this, Mab has taken to chasing Cicely a lot, even provoking her when she's sleeping, and it seems to be increasing in aggression. She never attacks her, just rushes at her and chases her under furniture. Sometimes she then rolls about as if to say "look at me, I'm your friend, come on out" but then charges at Cicely again as soon as she does re-emerge. Cicely doesn't stay in hiding for long, but she is definitely nervous of Mab. However, there are times when Cicely goes looking for Mab and will play after her tail, even though she then gets chased and ends up cowering and 'mrmrmr'ing nervously. I'm really confused! What's going on between them? Should I be worried? I need to book them into a cattery for Christmas and I have no idea whether to get a 'family room' or two separate rooms. Sorry for such a long posting, but any thoughts would be appreciated.
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