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Is this bonding, or puppy love?

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Do you think it's possible for a cat to be "The One"? Like a soul mate in kitty form?

I ask because I've had cats my whole life. We always had a cat or two growing up, and I took in a kitten that was all my own that I cared for her whole life (9 years, sadly she was an outside cat and never came home one day). I've taken in pets for other people, and am no stranger to being a cat momma.

But Io seems different. From the moment I saw her at the rescue I couldn't even consider other cats. She's about a year old, and only been with us for about three weeks, but I already can't imagine her out of my life. She fits into the routine so perfectly, always seems there when I need a cuddle (even if I don't know it!). She likes my partner just fine, too. I've loved all the cats in my life before now, but never felt this kind of connection with one before.

Am I being dumb or is this legitimate thing?
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You're not dumb. MowMow is my little heart/soul kitty. The last animal I was this attached to was my dog Mini who died almost 10 years ago.

I've been attached to lots of animals but never like Mini and MowMow.
Ahh true love. You are being human and letting an animal's love penertrate and open your heart. It just took a while for the right one to come along. They say the cat picks the human. Io choose you (smart kitty). My heart kitty is Razzle. I have had horses, cats, and dogs, but with Razzle it's different. He picked me 17 years ago but it took some years to realize he was the one. He knew. He loves me unconditionally (dispite my always kissing him)and I love him with all my heart. Sure wish people could do that. Now if i could only turn Razzle into my husband.

Oh, yes. There are animal souls who speak to human souls. Do not doubt that, my dear.
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