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Is this flower toxic to cats?

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I got a pot flower from my coworker as a b-day gift. I want to bring it home, and I can use the pot to grow cat grass after the flower withers. But I want to make sure the flower is ok for cats. I'm not good at flowers, so don't know the type (neither does the person who gave it to me). I found a picture online looking almost the same, except the color. Can anyone tell me if it's toxic to cats? Thank you! :yellbounce


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it is a Osteospermum 'Nasinga Purple Aksullo' , common names include: cape daisies, spoon daisies and sometimes referred to as a type or African daisy. it is considered non toxic to horses, cats and dogs. It MAY cause a mild skin irritation in some people from the oil when cut if they are sensitive to it.

deadhead spent flowers to discourage chewing and encourage more flowering.
Since I'm no botanist, I usually err on the side of caution. All my plants are behind my closed bathroom door.
Thank you BotanyBlack!

All my plants are behind my closed bathroom door.
My bathroom (and bath tub specifically) is my cats favorite play ground. I also close the door, but the first minute I open the door, they dash into the bathroom.
And they insisit on "supervising" me using toliet or taking shower...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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