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Is Your Cat Not Finishing/ Wasting Their Food?

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Hi everybody,

Has anyone else noticed that when your cat is eating, he/she is unintentionally pushing the food away with their tongue to the back of the bowl, and eventually gets frustrated and ends up walking off?

Pretty much everyday after i've fed my cats, the food left over is always pushed to the back of the bowls.

I actually stood and watched them eat yesterday and found that when i manually turn the bowl around half way through their meal, they finished that whole thing.

Handy trick to ensure you aren't wasting/throwing away food daily.

Quite interesting, just wondering if anyone else has noticed this :)
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It could be whisker fatigue. There are special dishes to help with that. I bought one for a foster kitten who had that issue. With the new dish she was eating all her meals. I sent the dish home With her when she was adopted. It wasn't overly expensive. No more than a regular dish at Petsmart.
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