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I am new to this board an am having some difficulty going on here an really would appreciate help from all you cat owners...

This may be a little long an I am sorry but I think in order for you to help me some background will be useful.

We have had a cat named Nisha for about 2 years. Then our son gives his Dad a cat about a year old. Her name is Sammie. We have had her for 6 weeks.. We were told she had been spayed. She came from asian college students with 10 other cats in an apartment

Now Nisha of course reacted to the new cat, she did not like her. She attacked the cat all the time, finally though Sammie fought back but not much she is very good natured an I think would not be to much of a problem accepting Nisha.

Nisha is an aggressive cat to begin with an is mean to anybody who comes in our home. She does not like people or kids even the ones she knows. So another cat made things worse in what she considered her territory.
However she has always been close to me an not as close to my husband.
Since the new cat she is even more aggressive to my husband then before because he gave the new cat lots of attention an I think in Nisha"s eyes replaced her for the new one.

We begin to notice Sammie trying to use Nisha"s litterbox infact I have caught her several times but I have not caught Nisha using Sammies... we had to start closing the door to keep her out. She has her own an own food an water bowl. I do not know if this is a terrotory thing or what.

Second a few days ago we gave the cats a bath. I did not have cat shamppo so I used baby shampoo which is very mild and I have used it on Nisha before when in a pinch.

The next morning after the bath Sammie the new cat started walking around crying an yowling constantly. Also rolling on the floor from side to side, rubbing her face on things an being affectionate.. It has been going on for almost a week now We are thinking she was not spayed an is in heat. But not sure

Nisha is much worse toward her since she started the crying an yowling. She swipes at her all the time. Plus Sammie seems to be following her around trying to irritate her. Anything it seems to get a reaction from Nisha..
I do not know if I have made anything clear. I just know its a mad house around here.

I have made an appt at the vet to get her spayed an shots. But that is another week away. So if anyone can offer advice as to what is going on I will so so happy
Thank You

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Keep them separated for a start. Introducing new cats always takes time. Make sure you give your resident cat more affection. Only allow them to mingle when you're around, and see how they interact. When the hissing eases, then let them interact freely. If the hissing starts again, keep them separate again, and repeat process.

They may never get along, but they'll learn to tolerate each other over time. Or if the chemistry is right, they may end up best friends after 6 months. :D

All the best and keep us posted.

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isn't there another vet that can see her sooner, or can your vet at least take a peek at her? One look at her and your vet will be able to tell you if she's indeed intact and in heat or not. If so, some vets won't even spay cats in heat so it's good for them to know anyhow. The point is, that all of this madness in your house can be better explained by the circulation of hormones all over the place! Also, that yowling and rubbing is a universal message between cats. With Sammie actively trying to attract a mate (we can presume at this point), Nisha is of course going beserk territorially. She is, after all, being invaded. The amount of time they've spent together in the home is minimal, and then, as I said, adding the hormone factor is a slap in the face.
I think things will change once she is spayed, but they'll also get worse the longer you have to wait. Let the vet know how serious the situation is, or perhaps consider going to another. In the mean time, I'd keep them completely separate, and watch out in terms of letting Sammie rub too much on you or your husband's clothing, cheeks or otherwise.

Hope that helps!
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