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The past three days have been full of good news.

* My bf officially accepted the job offer yesterday. He begins on February 21st.

* We found an amazing condo in our new town on Saturday, and signed on it Sunday (renting, of course). It's 3 BR, 2.5 Bath, wood-burning fireplace, detached single car garage, private patio in front & rear. The people we are going to rent from have been living there, so it is in fantastic shape - nicely decorated, fresh paint, great upkeep.

* My boss asked me yesterday to continue to work for my company long-distance. So now we can continue with 2 incomes -- a huge stress relief! And now I get to work at home.

* Some friends of ours are loaning us a 20-ft enclosed trailer to move our stuff; this will save us a few hundred dollars which we could definitely use elsewhere right now.

I'm am so thankful right now. The way things have fallen into place, I really think that all of this is meant to be.
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