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Photo Tour
  1. The last resort heat backup.
  2. Under table lodging, ground floor.
  3. On table lodging, double rubbermaid/expandable foam walls containers.
  4. Upper entrance and a small cheap activity stand, helps hold the tarp up and out.
  5. Looking into and up above inside the opening, notice the old loveseat pad on top of the two containers. Summer spots for lounging when the tarp is off. And scratching posts too that had broken and clamped back with my Handy Bundler ( do a google on this or, I love them, many uses). Many levels for excellent vertical cat play.
  6. Pee Wee recommends it.
  7. Silver is starting to yawn. Church.
  8. Quiet moment.
  9. Hammock
  10. ?


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