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It's been a while since I posted in here, but, I thought I'd stop in real quick and give an update on Jackson and Moe.

Jackson is doing SO well with my mom, she has had him over 4 months now and he has fit in well with her and her home and doesn't even want to go outside now. He is finally getting along fairly well with one of her other cats and my mom said he is attached to my pug that she has at her place and that she will wake up and find them sleeping together. Jackson also has his own little area in the house, where my mom has put a big blanket for him and he will lay there alot and only let my pug share it with him. My mom has gotten quite attached to him and she said he is quite comical, she said she has the cats water on a placemat in the kitchen and that Jackson will take his paw and pull the bowl off the mat to the floor before he will drink it. My mom said he is very good at using the litter and even cleans his paws before exiting the box. I get to see him 1-2 times a week and he still comes to me and as soon as I sit down, jumps right in my lap and will stay there almost the whole time, except for the occasional potty breaks and food breaks.

As for Moe, she is doing so well with her new owner, I see the lady quite a bit who took her and she said Moe has gained 6 pounds since she took her and just looks way healthier. The lady also still has all of Moe's kittens and Moe has been re-introduced to them and is getting along well with them all and playing with them.
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