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Hi all,
Not sure if anyone can help but though id ask anyway just incase.

Would like to mention before we start. He is fine and active, bounces all over, runs upstairs, tries to climb curtains etc so its not hindering him in any way. He will be having a check up with our local asap.

We have had Jake over 18 months now and is thought to be between 4.5 and 5.5 years old and we always knew there was something going on towards his back end.
He holds no weight on his hips, legs etc. Last check up at the vets was January and he weight about 4.2 kg. He has food down 24/7

Now when he walks he is bow legged at the back. His back legs are usually totally straight as well and his paws sit funny.
Iv taken sum pictures which il put below.

Our old vets thinks he was either born this way or its an old injury but cannot tell without an x ray, also thinks he has the start of arthritis in his knees.

Just wondering if anyone possible had any ideas what might have caused this?

Thank you
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