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Jasio (pronounced "ya-show") is the most recent addition to my home. He just turned 6 on the 15th and still acts like the obnoxious little kitten he was when I brought him home.

He is my first failed foster (with the dog being the second), I was just going to take care of him after he and his litter mates had been dumped at my vet's office. All the other kittens were adopted that day, except this little brat.

At 6 weeks old he waltzed into my life and declared he was staying. A pest, a bully and rocket scientist all rolled into one 14 pound furry package, he is by the far the smartest cat who has ever lived with me. He can open cabinets, drawers, "cat proof" containers and has even figured out how to open doorknobs leading me to keep all exterior doors dead bolted shut.

Oh, and he loves lettuce. A lot.

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