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Hi everyone. I'd posted awhile back about my 11 year old Jazzy, who's been peeing all over the house and drinking alot of water. Well, we took him to the vet and were told that he was okay and that it was most likely behavioral, so we did things like stick him in the bathroom w/ the box, spray the areas where he peed with that stuff that keeps them away, etc. etc. The problem ended up getting worse because eventually we let him out of the bathroom and lo and behold, we woke up with our feet in a puddle of urine this morning. YUCK!!! Anyway, I called a different vet and explained the situation and she is coming over today to make a house call for me at 1:00. I'm really looking forward to this because she sounded like she knew what she was doing and she was very good at listening and answering my questions. So! Hopefully, I'll know soon what's up with my baby.

The vet said it's probably diabetes or kidney disease and at first I was freaking out just thinking about it until she said that it would be better for Jazzy to have a treatable medical condition than to have a behavioral issue because some cats never change their behavior and have to be put to sleep! :(

Now I'm almost hoping it is medical so that he can get meds and be treated. sigh.... My husband is losing it because Jasper is peeing on our brand-new mattress and our brand-new carpeting, and I have a feeling he's going to press for us to "get rid of" Jasper if he doesn't stop the peeing. Of course I wouldn't get rid of him in a million years, but it really bugs me that he is more worried about his "stuff" than his 11 year old baby. (we have no kids so the pets really are our children)

Anyway! I guess I'm worried and needed a safe place to vent with people who understand how I feel. As much as I love my husband he doesn't really understand the connection I have with my cats and I think he would do whatever he had to just to stop Jasper from ruining our "things". :(

Thanks so much for listening---hopefully I'll know what's going on with him soon and will have good news to report! :)

Take care everyone,
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Let us hope this new vet of yours can help you.

If it is behavioral it will take time. And it doesn't sound like your partner has the patience that's needed to solve a behavioral disorder.

I wouldn't hope for it to be a physical problem. Yes, sure there are medicines but medicines often have side effects.

Anyway, I hope it all turns out for the best. Keep us updated.
My thoughts are with you. I'll be watching for an update. Yes, we do understand. You want to do everything possible for your pet.
Hi Tracy! Thanks for the update! I was wondering how Jasper was doing.

The new vet you were talking to has a point, feline behavioral problems are very difficult to treat if at all. So you hate to think it but have a medical problem may be better in the long run. The good news if it is a medical problem like diabetes is that cats now have a much better outlook and can live long full lives with proper treatment than they did say ten years ago.

I'll keep Jasper in my thoughts and hope you all can pull through this together. :D

Good luck!!
I hope your vet can help :) Behavior problems are so difficult. I used to have this wonderful fluffy orange tabby, who was neutered but then all the sudden started spraying everywhere in the basement, making the whole house stink. So my father, who wouldn't put up with that, insisted that we give him to one of the horse barns outside of town.(I had no choice in the matter, I as only 12) I felt so horrible, how was my poor indoor kitty going to survive on a barn? And we drove him out, two days later he showed up at the door. He had walked the five miles into town, all the way down to my house somehow. He never sprayed in the house again, I guess he learned his lesson. It was horribly drastic, I didn't expect to see my poor cat again, but yet he found his way home. Cats can be amazing eh?
Your cat really loved you all, obviously. That's touching.

Thanks so much for all of your comments and well-wishes! I appreciate it so much. And, to Cyprian, that is a wonderful story about your kitty! I'd heard that they can find their way back home but never knew anyone who actually had it happen. <G>

Well, the vet came this afternoon and I am so relieved because I FINALLY know what's wrong and don't have to have that constant worry of "what is wrong with him?" The vet diagnosed Jazzy with diabetes and he will be getting insulin shots starting in about two days. Although I'm not thrilled that he has this disease, I am so relieved that he's not in renal failure or something from kidney disease. That was my biggest fear! Of course I'm still worried about the guy, but at least I know what's up and what to do about it. That is such a huge relief I can't even describe it. :)

It was very hard not to say "I told you so" when I picked up my husband from work and told him about Jasper. I knew he was worried and stuff, but at the same time I was happy that he knew there was a true problem and it wasn't just that Jazzy was being a bad cat. sigh...

Anyway, guys, thanks for listening and for being here. I don't know what I'd do without a place like this to come to when my cat worries get out of control.

Hugs all around,
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I'd really hate to say I'm happy to hear the news but at least now you know what you're dealing with and Jasper can get the care he needs.

I know the thought of giving your cat shots can be overwhelming but it's really quite easy and it's such a small needle, the cats normally don't put up a fuss about it. He sounds like a sweet cat and you, a dedicated owner so I'm sure everything will work out fine! :D
Strange thing that the earlier vet couldn't tell you it was diabetes. Diabetes isn't that hard to make a diagnosis of.

I'm glad to hear that you finally know what's wrong, though. You don't have to think about what's wrong now atr least:)

Hug the litte one from me :p
Tracy, I'm grateful that the vet has made a diagnosis. I'd be tempted to call the other vet and tell him the results. You paid for his services and didn't get a diagnosis which Sol says is relatively easy to do with diabetes. Even I know the symptoms! I believe she's right, because it's easily diagnosed in human beings.
You're all so right :)

Okay I'm lazy and making one mass post, lol, but I'm trying to get rid of a bug and my energy level is gone---especially after worrying about my baby so much. :)

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I agree w/ all of you guys about calling the other vet. I think that's a great idea because I really don't know how serious this can get, and if I had let it go because of what the first vet told me and something happened to Jazzy, I would've just died. :(

Personally, I dont' think my first one know what they were doing. I think it was easier to give me the brush-off then to take the time to test Jazzy's urine and blood and stuff. sigh..... It's so hard to find a GOOD vet, but I do think that the new woman I'm taking him too IS one of the good ones, so cross your fingers. :)

I'm not looking forward to giving him the shots, but I think it'll be okay. He will no doubt freak out at first, but hopefully he'll get used to it.

You know, yesterday I was so relieved and that was all I could feel, but today it's really sinking in that my baby is sick. Now I'm worrying about him all over again (lol) just in a different way.

Have any of you had cats with diabetes and if so, did they live a normal life span? My vet said that she has another client who had an 11 year old also who got the diagnosis and went on to live to be 17 years old. If Jazzy could do that, I'd be thrilled! :)

Thanks so much for your support everybody---I promise to send personal replies next time!

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Have any of you had cats with diabetes and if so, did they live a normal life span?
I've never had a cat who had diabetes but I have worked with several of them, some of which are 15 plus! Most cats do very well and can be regulated fairly easily. You may have to switch his food or feeding schedule if recommended by your vet. It's a lot easier to regulate them when they eat a measured amount of food at the same times every day.

It's a scary thing to go through with your cat at first but it sounds like you have a good vet who will be with you every step of the way and that makes it a lot easier. :wink:
I've never had a cat with diabetes but I know other people with diabetes cats. Their cats live perfectly normal lives. The changes have been small ones such as switching brand of food (to some kind of special food), they have to ration the food and of course the medication.

With good care (and the right vet) there's no reason why the cat shouldn't live a normal life and grow old.
Thanks, Jessica :)

Thanks for being comforting and reassuring. I can definitely use that right about now! :)

Thanks Sol

Thanks for what you said. It really helped me to chill out and relax a little about Jazzy. :)

Tracy :)
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