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I hope your vet can help :) Behavior problems are so difficult. I used to have this wonderful fluffy orange tabby, who was neutered but then all the sudden started spraying everywhere in the basement, making the whole house stink. So my father, who wouldn't put up with that, insisted that we give him to one of the horse barns outside of town.(I had no choice in the matter, I as only 12) I felt so horrible, how was my poor indoor kitty going to survive on a barn? And we drove him out, two days later he showed up at the door. He had walked the five miles into town, all the way down to my house somehow. He never sprayed in the house again, I guess he learned his lesson. It was horribly drastic, I didn't expect to see my poor cat again, but yet he found his way home. Cats can be amazing eh?
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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