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Jaw Clicking

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Sometimes, when Breezy is looking out the window at birds, her jaw will make clicking noises. What's up?
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It's called chattering...very normal sound for a cat that is watching possible prey.
Yarp, both my boys do that when they sit in the window and stare at birds in the tree outside.
yup, both our cats do/did that. even our indoor-since-birth kitty started doing it even though she'd never actually caught live prey before. just instinct apparently.
Oh yes, and i dont think its really coming from their jaw. Someone correct me if i am wrong but I am pretty sure it does come from their throat. Its sound almost like a light, short cough, a click. Super excited, my cats jaws quiver and makes these, short, click cough sounds... " ack, ack ack"

My cats do this if a fly gets in the house and they chase after it, making these goofy noises. lol
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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