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I live in Mijdrecht just south of Amsterdam. I have 1 rescue dog from Spain: Ramon a Brittany spaniel and Jill a golden retriever. Jill stayed with me for 2 weeks while her owner (my middle son) went on holiday. When he came to pick her up she hid under the table and wanted to stay with me. We loaded Jill into his car but the next time I visited Jill got to my car before I did and jumped straight in. My 2 cats came to me as "rescue" cats when they were very small kittens. Their mother got caught up in an open window and sadly broke her neck. I was worried how my Brittany would react as he loved chasing after rabbits, ducks, enz. but the same day they crawled next to him for warmth and he just licked them off. Animals can be so astonishing!
Ramon is now nearly 14, Jill 8 and the cats 5 years old. One very happy family. See my question about Dexter and Ramon. I have few theories but would love to hear other opinions.
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