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Jimmy's trip to the vet

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I'm so proud of Jimmy becuase he was *so* good at the vet's.
We'd noticed he was limping on one of his forelegs, so we thought we'd bettter take him in.
We had a heck of a struggle getting him in his carrier. He struggled and yowled like crazy, and once we'd got him in, he was poking his paws out of the bars very piteously.
But once we got in the car, he really calmed down. He seemed to find the car journey quite soothing :)
Then, at the vet's, he was a little star. He just sat quietly while the vet poked and prodded him. He didn't even flinch when the vet stuck the thermometer up his bum :shock:
The vet said he had wrencehd or twisted his elbow - probably had jumped down awkwardly off something. So nothing serious. He gave him an anti-inflammatory injection - again, Jimmy was so good about it, he hardly noticed.
And this is the cat who won't even let me near him with a harmless hair brush :!:
When we got home, we thought he might slope off and lie in one of his hidey-holes. But he just flopped on the kitchen floor and looked up at us as if to say 'Phew!, I'm glad that's over'
Bless him. And his leg is much better now, too. :)

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