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Hi there. I'm a lifelong cat lover, and I currently have three cats. Here are their stories (dun-dun).

The oldest of my current cats is two. It was actually her 2nd "Adoption Day" yesterday! Around two years ago, my cat/pal of 16 years, Angel, died of a chronic illness she'd lived with her whole life. It was horribly traumatic, and I wasn't sure I could ever get a cat again. And then my stepdad heard a tiny meow coming from a bush outside his work. The kitten was only about 3 weeks old, and it had a host of problems from not being alone/abandoned/not around its mother. It was malnourished, had multiple different parasites, an ear infection, and just was generally in bad shape. Of course, I took her in, named her Nephilim (NN Nephy), and she is now the snuggliest, happiest cat ever (she also has a bit of a naughty streak, but whatever).

Less than a year later, I acquired Azazel. A friend of a friend's cat had kittens, and they couldn't take care of them all. They were set to go to a shelter.... and my boyfriend and I agreed that we had to take one. We chose the one that was named Star because my niece used to call the aforementioned Angel "Star" instead, because "it's a better name", so I took that as a sign. She is a polydactyl, with one extra toe on each front paw. She and Nephy got along almost immediately, and they now frequently snuggle and play and genuinely enjoy each other's company. Azazel celebrated her first Adoption Day in June of this year.

And finally, the 4-5 month old kitten known as Doctor. My little hot mess kitten. So, my sister decided that she wanted a cat, so her kids could have a pet (my sister also owned cats for a long, long time, but she took a couple years of a break after her last one passed away... so, wasn't a whim thing, just a finally ready thing). My mom was super excited about this, jumped the gun, and got her a kitten from a rescue. My sister didn't mind this at all because, you know, kittens. Except this kitten has manx syndrome. It's a mild case, and the only thing visibly wrong with her is that she doesn't have a tail.... and that she has fecal incontinence. Which is just too much for a mom of two (her youngest child has a disability as well, so he keeps her hands pretty full). There was a clause in the adoption agreement that, if for whatever reason, the kitten wasn't a good fit, my mom should bring her back to the rescue. Except.... I went to that rescue. The owners of the rescue clearly cared, but they were underfunded and not even remotely equipped to deal with a kitten with a disability. When my mom got her, she had a prolapsed anus, she was on a bad diet which caused her to have chronic diarrhea, which caused her to be severely underweight, and she was just really not properly taken care of in general. Soooo I volunteered, and I'm working on the slow process of fixing her back up.

And that is my very long story about my girls! I'm really looking forward to being a part of this forum and hearing from like-minded individuals. Thanks for taking the time to read all of that!
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