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Hello all,

I've just found this forum a few days ago and I've been just checking it out since. So, I thought I'd go ahead and start my postings off with an introduction. I've adored cats all my life and always had at least one cat (usually more) around my house. There was only a time period of about 3 or so years where I couldn't have any pets because of the renters where I was living didn't allow any. But, now I don't have to worry about that anymore :D.

Moving along to the cats...I own 3 at the moment and their names are Velvet (the oldest), Salem, and Mystery (the youngest). Lately, well ever since I got a new digital camera earlier this year, I've been experimenting with taking photos of my cats so I have probably too many photos downloaded of them on my computer :shock: . Once I figure out how to attach photos I'll be posting some of them.

Now a little about their personalities...

Velvet is a black longhaired and thinks he is a King. He can be really demanding at times whether it is for food or just to go outside. He loves to be petted but puts on an act as though he doesn't, especially if he's outside where he might be seen by other cats and get embarrassed.

Salem is gray (with lighter gray highlights), I think she might have some Russian Blue in her. She loves to drink out of the bathroom sink so whenever she catches anyone in there she wants the facet turned on so she can drink. She's also very energetic and goes insane at times, she'll run window to window if there's a squirrel or some kind of critter outside and think that she can get to it through the window. And also she loves to rub up against my feet - I think she has a foot fetish :lol:.

Mystery is the youngest and the most friendliest and she's a tabby with white markings. She loves to cuddle, when she wants too, and likes food a lot. I personaly like her personality the best out of the 3, and she's one of the best cats I've ever had. She's also the easiest to get a photo of. Oh yeah and she loves plastic bags and hunting leaves :lol:.

I guess that's about it for now - I don't wanna make this too long of a post :?. But I look forward to posting on this forum!


PS - I'm sure a lot of people might wonder what "Aleuranthropy" means - it means "transformation into a cat" it's a word a ran across a few years ago in an old dictionary. :wink:
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