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Here's a special moment I wish I had on film...

The kittens know me and recognize my smell, so when I lay next to the nest, at least one or two will squirm over to me to snuggle. Today, the little white kitten made his way over, fussing and whining. He took a while to get settled down, making little frustrated noises (darn those uncooperative limbs) as I petted him. Finally, he leaned against my arm and rolled right over onto his back.

He just layed there, perfectly quiet and still, and I rubbed him warm, round tummy and felt his tiny paws on my hand. And he looked up at me with those blue eyes and we stared at eachother. It lasted maybe a minute or so, and I did my best to sear it into my brain. He let me give him one little kiss on his belly, then rolled back over to go to sleep.

Man, I wish they'd stay like this forever...
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