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I'm not exactly sure if this belongs here but I'm very excited! As I've mentioned before, I got Tevy just about six weeks ago, and since that time it's been a hassle to get Kali to come to accept Tevy. After letting Kali come in and smell the kitten and the room she was in off and on for about a week, I started to let them attempt to interact. I was of course just a foot or so away (when tevy was really little still). It started with just them exchanging playful swipes (kali wouldn't use her claws) but I think as it became more aparent to Kali that this 'thing' wasn't going to leave, she started to get rougher and more so to what I thought was tormenting Tevy.

Kali is still a kitten herself, at barely 6 months, so I think it's more trying to initiate play more then anything since they would both take turns doing so. The problem was, when Kali had enough, SHE had ENOUGH! She would flip around with Tevy until she would squeal or such and I would have to break them up and seperate them. It started out being only 5-10 minutes they would tolerate their game of 'tag/chase' together, and gradually went to 30min, 1 hour, 1.5hrs, and what seems like almost a miracle, this morning they spent close to 2 hours together, and now, they've been out since right about 2pm and it's 5:10pm. I can't believe it! Three hours and hardly any real issues. I think Kali has made Tevy hiss or make noises only about three times in the past three hours, so all in all it's going well! They even took a 'break' for about a half an hour or an hour earlier where they just sort of went their own seperate ways and didn't bother eachother much. I have several 'decent' pictures I just took today that I'll put up here to show you guys. I'm really glad! Finally after six weeks there is some good progress! Thanks for reading this and have a good day and everyting, I know I will if things keep going this way.

- Randy

Pictures- You can't see kali's color/pattern too well because she's darker and there wasn't too great of lighting. The pictures seem to lose some quality after I upload them, yuck! Oh well, you get the idea. :)

P.s- sorry I know I probably shouldn't post so many pictures but right now I don't have to time to organize them into an album or on one page and I wanted to share them with you guys. I promise I'll get them in an album or on one page so you can just click a link to look next time. :)
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