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Hi all,

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I cannot think of what else I can do to help Katie and it is really heartbreaking to see her the way she is.

Katie is a rescue of around 6-8 years old.
For the past couple of years she has had a number of health problems that are now getting even worse. I've listed the problems she is having below:
  1. Vomits around once or twice every other day
  2. Her stools usually contains blood
  3. In the past few months wherever she has been sitting she leave a trail of red patching after a while
  4. She has a big problem with Fleas and we've give her baths with out shampoo but also with some special shampoo and the fleas return after a few days
  5. We moved her to a different house after she was Flea free and she still managed to get Fleas
  6. She washes herself non stop
  7. She scratches and bites herself very frequently
  8. She eats cat litter
  9. Sometimes she urinates/poops outside of her litter tray
  10. She has patches and sores over her body
  11. She seems severely depressed
Why am I posting this on here and not talking to a Vet about it?

We have tried to take her to several Vets however my experience has been the following:
  1. Nothing is found in the examination
  2. When I try to explain the situation the Vets are always in a hurry and no one has taken onboard the symptoms
  3. They just prescribe anti-flea shoulder droplets which I have tried and no luck
  4. I had also kept a diary of vomits and stools for 2 months but that didn't seem any significant to the Vets
This is the last resort I could think of to get some advice. Katie and I would be very grateful for anyone that could help her. I feel hopeless I cannot do anything more and keep seeing her in such a state.

1. Katie is my Mum's which is 75 years old and not able to do much
2. I only see Katie once a every few months but recently moved closer hence I'm trying to do more
Many thanks,

Katie's Friend

PS: I am including a few photos that show the red patches and scratches
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I feel so sorry that Katie is going through all these issues. You need to continue to locate a vet that will address all these issues. It would be difficult for any of us on this forum to give you the best possible plan of action for each of these issues. It would be irresponsible for us to do so. Keep looking. I’m sure you will find a caring vet. They are out there.
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Keep trying with the Vets, you are taking good care of Katie and it might take awhile but you will find someone. Maybe ask the local shetler for a Vet ref as they tend to volunteer and really invest in helping the animals.

I was at wits end about my little Gaby and her teeth, I finally found a vet dentist not too far that helped her and she is a happy cat again.

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I agree that with all of those issues, it is best to continue searching for a vet, preferablya feline specialist. But until then, i would suggest
•a medicated bath every 3 days that should deal with the fleas and the itching
•making her wear a cone to avoid her biting herself and eating litter
•changing the type of litter. Maybe she doesn't like what she's using right now?
•give her food that's for sensitive stomachs (when i took in my Sunshine when he was around 6 or 7 years old, he had issues with his poop and changing to a diet for sensitive stomachs helped)
•give her a more relaxing environment if that's possible

These are just things that i would do if i had to take care of a cat with those issues.

I hope you find a vet who could help her.
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