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Staying out of plants...

There are also some sprays that you could try that will not be harmful for your plants and may repell your cat. There is something called bitter apple, cayenn spray and something you can get from your Vet. called Varitone spray (this can be expensive but is causes the cat to drool if the area is licked or bitten which can curb the cats appetite to eat things).

You can also try spraying her with a squirt bottle to deter her. If that dosen't work you can just generally spay a garden hose (away from her) to startle her. Some times scar tactics may be an option.

If the plants are in the ground. I know that Lee Valley (in Canada) used to sell a product called Cat Scatt Mats. These are put in the garden around the plants, and if the cats walk arond the plants, they do not like the feel of the product, therefore detering her from the area.

Hope these help!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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