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Khonsu Photos!

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I posted a bit ago about the new black cat that we found and took home. Thanks to a suggestion on here, his new name is Khonsu :D

I finally got a few good pictures of him that I thought I'd share!

Him and Isis watching the guinea pig
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He is so handsome and has a beautiful shiny coat. I also found my Oreo on the streets. I think some strays are so appreciative when you take them in.
Khonsu is simply gorgeous. Isis seems to have accepted him!
I'm glad you liked my Khonsu suggestion... :)

He is stunning! Look at that sheen. :)
He appears to be a very strong and healthy cat. Congrats to you.
How beautiful he is. I love the name as well. Very good choice. :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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