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Normally we try to give only the healthiest foods to our cats and all out animals. In the case of a cat who has a serious illness and who won't eat, I feel it's better to get him to eat than to give him the best food.

I had a cat with renal failure and I treated him for three years, very successfully until the end which was, sadly, unavoidable. I gave him food with low phosphorus and low fat because that was best for him (not the kidney diet food which had crappy ingredients) and I gave him daily sub-cutaneous fluids at home. But in times when he wouldn't eat I would feed him anything he would eat, including Fancy Feat, which most cats will not turn down even when ill. It's not the best cat food, but in a case like this, give him whatever he will eat.

If you cannot find anything he will eat, not even cooked chicken breasts, nothing, then go to the vet or a pet supply and buy the food they have that is designed for assisted feeding. It's mushy and has very high calorie and nutrient dense ingredients. You put this into a feline feeding syringe and give it to your cat. NOTE: ** It is imperative that you get the vet or someone in the office to demonstrate how to assist-feed your cat if you are going to do this, so that you do it correctly. Done right, you can get enough nutrition into your cat to keep him going until you can get him to eat. Done wrong you can choke the cat to death or make him hate you.

Additionally, make sure that he eats no dry food, only wet, and add water to it. Keep him drinking as much water as possible. This is vital.
I have been there. It can be managed and your cat might live for years yet if you are dedicated to his care. I wish you the best of luck.
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