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Oh yes! I've had a couple of cats that I referred to as "big-ticket items." :lol: One had chronic UTI's when she was young, then developed hepatic lipidosis. She did recover from that and lived another 12 years. The other one was a hemophiliac with Addison's disease. He was the sweetest cat in the world (well, to me!), but physically he was a train wreck. He didn't do so good; died when he was only 4. If I hadn't been a vet myself, he would have cost me a fortune! I guess that's why he came to me; I was the only one who would put up with the constant crises!

Cats who have blocked often do have some scarring and compromise in the kidneys because of the back-up of urine. So it makes sense that problems would continue to occur in the renal system. That's a pretty serious infection and fairly painful. No wonder he looked so pitiful this morning! It takes a while to clear these up, but fluids now and a few weeks of antibiotics should put him right.

Then we should chat about diet and stuff...I'm sure my opinion will be completely opposite of his vet's, but you should hear both sides so you can make up your own mind!

Dr. Jean
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