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My cats are 11 and both were told they had early stage kidney disease last year, detected by a routine blood test (Sophie stage 1, Indy stage 2). I looked into it and changed their diet, from a mixture of wet and dry, to wet only and added water to it.

Having fed them wet food (+added water), they had another blood test just recently, which was 6 months after their first. Sophie's had a big improvement, her kidney function levels improving so much they are back to normal now, so the diet change clearly worked! Indy's however have shown no improvement which is worrying (though at least no worse) despite him being on the same diet as Sophie. Is this likely because his kidneys may have reached a stage where they can only be improved by a a special renal diet, despite how much water he's taking in?

So the vet has recommended he changes onto a renal diet. So how exactly does renal food help, it seems like it contains reduced phosphorous and protein?

And can people advise on any particular renal foods? I usually buy from Zooplus website as the foods are better quality and cheaper there, I can find a few renal foods such as Kattovit 185g tins, Concept for life 200g tins (currently out of stock), Royal Canin sachets, Purina sachets, Hills sachets (poorer reviews) and Integra protect 100g trays.

And just wondering if he is likely on renal food for life now? Or can renal diets improve kidney function enough to allow him possibly to have some of his other foods in future (preferably due to certain brands he prefers, and cost!).
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