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Kiitens toe got cut off.. Help?

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On Friday, we got given this kitten who apparently her mother left her. We brought her to the vet and she had cat flu and is approx 3-4 weeks old. Shes on an antibiotic for the cat flu, and seems to be getting on great.

Unfortunetly, about 20 minutes ago, her foot accidently got caught underneath one of the doors in our house when someone opened it on the other side and on of her toes on her front paw got cut off.

She didn't scream and is walking on it, there was a very small amount of blood. I washed it out with a little bit of salt and warm water. Shes seems comletely fine and not in pain, playing and trying to catch things with the paw etc.

Do you think she will be alright? Since shes not in pain, and i dont think she would need a painkiller and shes already on an antibiotic for her cat flu would that stop infections etc?

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She might need a different antibiotic..they don't all treat the same thing. I would get her to the vet ASAP
I would take her to the vet now. Not all antibiotics are for the same thing. I think it needs to be cleaned and dealt with by a professional.
I agree. This isn't a scratch, it's a lot DIGIT. A vet trip is in order.
I think you should take her to the vet. I mean I've had my fingers caught in a door and the pain was incredible so I could only imagine the pain if any were cut right off. At the very least call your vet and ask them what you should do. Good luck and I hope all is truly well with your kitten. Keep us posted.
Did you take her to the vet? What did the vet do?
I checked this thread yesterday and just knew the OP wasn't coming back. She expected agreement not to be lectured. I just don't get some ppl *shrugz*
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