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Kind of a gross question about cats and pregnancy

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Wasn't sure which forum to put this in.

I am six weeks pregnant. My husband has been cleaning the litter box so no problem there. However, last weekend, my cat ate a Christmas ribbon and was throwing up. That has pretty much stopped. During the time he was throwing up, he was rubbing his butt on the carpet much like dogs tend to do. There was no mess but it was odd. Yester day, I saw a brown streak near one of his hair balls, and thinking it was from his throwing up, I cleaned it up. My husband noticed some brown spots on the window sill that he likes to sit on.

I've been wondering if he might have had diarrhea and was wiping himself to clean up. He also loves to sit on my lap and I'm worried that I might have unknowningly gotten some on my jeans and then on to my hands because I tend to rest my hands in my lap. I have asked my husband if he has noticed anything in the litter box and he said that he doesn't check that close. Or could there possibly be another explanation?

Do I need to be concerned about toxoplasmia?
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Thank you! :)

He threw up the ribbon probably the day after he had eaten it on Monday. My husband were gone all day on the 1st. When he had thrown up, it was a hair ball and there was a ribbon in it. He threw up again the next day and then again yesterday but only a little. He is eating. I will try to get him into the vet soon. I haven't seen him do the butt rubbing since Monday but that's not to say that he hasn't been doing it when we weren't home.

I asked for a toxoplasmosis test at my last prenatal visit but my doctor didn't want to sign off for one :( I don't know if it was the expense or what. I will talk to him at our next visit. Can a vet run a test on the cat for it?
Lol the funny thing is, it was two weeks ago I had my first prenatal visit and asked for the test. And now this decides to happen. Of course my cat would get sick and have butt problems once I get pregnant. And for all I know I cleaned up vomit. If I wasn't pregnant I would have just shrugged the incident off.
here is another thread from a few months ago that may help, there are a few links in it.

Testing you cat probably would not help because IF he was infected before the test would show positive even after the short window of it being infectious. for your peace of mind thou you can ask for a test from your Doc.
Butt scooting can also indicate an anal gland problem... best idea would be to get checked out.
Toxoplasmosis is only an issue if you haven't had it before. If you have been the litter box cleaner and your cat has it, I am sure you have had it by now and are resistant. If your cat is indoor only, it is unlikely that your cat has it. My wife is pregnant (due today) and has cleaned litter boxes for our indoor only cats for years. She was tested and has never had it.
my old family cat used to do the "bum drag" as the first symptom of getting kidney crystals...I would get him checked
I had my cat at the vet today. The vet said that all his organs appeared to be normal size and that there was no string under his tongue. He had his temperature taken and also a rectal exam 0.0 He ended up having an accident on the way home from the vet. But the vet said that he was optimistic about everything because the vomiting was slowing down, he is still energetic, and he is eating. So we are going to see how he does over the next few days. If the vomiting keeps up, I will take him back in and he will get x rays. I also have medication to give to him to help with his stomach.
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