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My kitten Maleke is 9 months old now, he is still VERY affectionate when we are alone...but as soon as Magic (6 months) walks in the room Maleke tenses up and wants down. Then he just goes and hunches down on the floor. He is fine if we are carrying him, as long as we are moving he will stay in our arms, but if he is on our lap or in our arms when we are sitting down he will jump down when Magic comes in.

I guess he is jealous, even though Magic gets locked in a different room at night still so Maleke can sleep with us and have us to himself all night. The two of them sleep together when we are away so I know it's not that he doens't like Magic. Why do some cats become like this? Is it jealously? Maleke is just SO affectionate and I don't want it to stop because of Magic (who is almost unbearably affectionate!).

I love them both and I want them both to be comfortable being petted when the other one is in the room, I don't want them feeling threatened.
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