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bjohnson said:
i think he gets jelous cuz he cant come in the room with you guys.

i sleep with my dogg... but the cat cannot sleep in my room cuz he pounces my comforter everytime i move!!!! so i close my doors. every morning he comes in my room the 1st second my girlfriend opens the door.

i think the cat just wants to hang out with ya'll
Maleke is not the one that gets locked out at night. That's Magic - the new one. Maleke is the "king." ;)

Maleke -- I'd just make sure not to give up on the positive reinforcement. Sometimes cats take longer to come around than others. Maleke obviously loves you and if his behavior changed when Magic became a permanent part of your family, then at least you can rest assured that everything makes sense. It could be jealousy, but it might be something else too. He might just not want to let his guard down when the other cat is around you guys? I think my Jack kind of does that too. With a new addition, it usually takes a long time for everything to settle completely. Maybe someone here has better advice, but I say just try to relax and keep loving your kitties. You're doing nothing wrong -- and you can't make a cat act a certain way. You can just ask them. Then wait and see if they listen when they are ready. ;)
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