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Recently, my 7 month old kitten dealt with a URI. It began on Dec 1st, and we had seen no sign of it improving on day 5, so we had planned on meeting with our primary vet on Dec. 7th when the office would be open. Our kitten became lethargic, was hiding, but was still eating and getting bouts of energy at night.

However, when she was sleeping for the majority of the day on Friday the 4th and Saturday the 5th, we decided to just play it safe and take her to the E.R. by us for a non-emergency visit (contrary to the name) simply because our primary was closed on Saturday nights and all-day Sunday and we didn't want to risk her developing pneumonia or any other lower respiratory problem.

Overall, our kitten only really had one primary symptom, which was congestion/nasally breathing which accompanied mouth breathing (not panting, just the corner slightly opened for better breathing). She was tired, but ate, drank, used the bathroom, and played late at night on most nights until Friday/Saturday.

The E.R. administered a shot to prevent the spread of bacteria to the lower respiratory system so she would not be perceptive to pneumonia if it were to try to progress, but overall she seemed fine and her vitals were normal, and they didn't believe the mouth breathing was too big of a cause for concern considering she was eating.

After that shot, she significantly improved the following day and began to get better each day since. It is the 14th now (13 days since she began having symptoms), and she is back to her normal personality, is meowing again, rubbing against us, etc., But she is still experiencing moments of loud/nasally breathing and slight mouth-breathing (mainly on exhales).

During this entire process, since first having symptoms, we have done steam therapy/turned on a diffuser (we don't have a humidifier, so that's the best we could do), taken her into the bathroom when we've showered, used sterile saline solution in her nose, etc., and she still has moments where her breathing sounds loud, congested, and she breathes through her mouth. Sometimes, I see her chest rise and fall kind of harshly, but when I shake her lightly she wakes up and looks at me as if nothing's wrong.

I know with human colds annoying coughs and congestion can linger for a while after, is this the case with my cat? Or should we potentially schedule a follow-up with our primary vet? I'd hate to spend more money if home remedies or time will heal all.

Let me know if you have experience with this or know what to do!
Thanks :)
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