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Kitten drinking out of our toilet!

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We have two kittens, aged 4 and 3 months (have had them for about 18 days). We have discovered that the older of the two likes to drink out of the toilet when the lid is up.

Of course, the toilet water is 'clean'.. well, as clean as you can make it for being toilet water.. but should I be worried at all?

We have two dishes of water beside the two eating areas that are refreshed at least daily.

I'm a guy, and while I have no problems closing the toilet lid after going to the washroom.. (feel its common courtesy and is a habit that carried over from being a guest).. its a completely different story for my brother and father. :roll: :lol:

What's interesting is that I have often put the dish of water on the closed toilet lid and called for the kitten, and he comes and drinks water there almost everytime.
While I still see both of them drinking water on occasion I figured since cats don't usually drink too much water, more couldnt help.



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I've had cats that do that before too.

I don't think it's a problem at all, because it's highly unlikely they'll drown. If you're worried about that you can put the lid down when you're not at home. :)

As for why, I think they prefer the colder water in the bowl. Also - it may be fresher too, as toilets are flushed multiple times in one day.

If you think that's weird, my cat who drank out of the toilet eventually LEARNED HIMSELF to pee in the toilet. I think he just followed our actions (cause we would put water in the tub for him when we used the toilet. Then when we went to the bathroom he would come running to get some tub water. And then of course we used the bathroom while he drank).
I'm definitely not worried about drowning.. :lol:

Thought more so resident 'bugs' or bacteria.. Even thought our toilets are cleaned quite regularly, who knows what lives there.
See, I'm terrified of a cat drowning in my toilet. I heard horror stories on another message board. I know Sabby's far too big to drown (which is good because he gets very upset if he can't drink from the toilet), but when I get a new kitten, I'll be extremely paranoid.
Actually, I have read there is more bacteria living in your kitchen sink than in the toilet.

As for kittens - I would be afraid too. But any full grown cat most probably wouldn't... Even if their head got submerged the could jump out.
One of my cats Sugar loves drinking toilet water. She puts her paws on the edge and starts licking away. I dont like her to do that but I know she does it behind my back! I'm sure it's not that bad b/c alot of cats drink toilet water and supposedly it's somewhat clean. :lol:
Just to add to this..

The same kitten also loves to drink water flowing from the tap in the bathroom sink.
Since he started doing it, everytime I wash my hands the little guy runs, jumps onto the toilet and up onto the bathroom counter and sits beside the sink.
I leave the cold water on a smidge and he sits himself down in the sink and laps up the water as it comes out of the tap.

Silly Kitten! :eek:
Cats drinking out of toilets is a common activity. I know that if I left my toilet lid open, they would be drinking from it. I believe that their behavior reflects back on their wild state, drinking from rocks over seeing a pool of water, or some such set-up. It is nothing to be worried about. Of the best methods in correcting this behavior is to keep a ceramic bowl of fresh water next to their eating place. I do not recommend using a plastic water container, this is the reason I say use a glass or ceramic drinking bowl, and keep your toilet lid shut. :)
Drinkwell Pet Fountain. Works wonders. I highly recommend it.
There is a ceramic bowl of water next to their feeding dish which he also drinks out of..

just seems to prefer the sink and toilet.
Really the problem is not how fresh you keep the water or how often you change it. (most) cats really just preffer running or trickling water. I have a water obsesed cat as well.

I would really suggest getting a water fountain. You can find them at wal-mart for around 25.00, I ordered mine online from
Cheetah has the Freshflow water fountain. I couldn't use the sink in the bathroom without letting her have a drink when she first came here. The breeder that I got her from had one of the Drinkwell's, so I caved and she got her fresh, filtered running water :lol: She doesn't demand water in the bathroom anymore! Spoiled kitty!
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