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Kitten Feeding

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My Siamese Mix, Ming, is about 12 weeks old. I have been feeding her Eukanuba Dry Food with a little water mixed in with it. We take her back and forth with us from our house to our trailer at the Lake of the Ozarks on weekends. Last weekend, our friends got two kittens from the gal that runs the park we stay in. She brought Ming over for a "play date", but all Ming did was eat their food (Nutro Complete Care). :? Actually, Diane was grateful the first time because her kittens hadn't eaten at that point. When they saw Ming devouring their food, they started eating also. :p On Sunday, we tried bringing them together again. Ming preceded to scarf down their food again. Since then, she doesn't seem real happy with her food. I've also tried weaning her of the water on her food, but she definitely won't touch it if it's completely dry. When she does eat, she licks up all the water in her food before starting to eat her food. Is this normal? My other two cats eat a prescription diet for kidney problems, because one of them has kidney problems. The vet said the other was old enough (10+) to eat that food also. Unfortunately, it has made her fat! I think Ming may be eating their food during the day. Do you think this will be bad for her? Should I change her food to the Nutro or continue to "force feed" her. (I keep putting her back at her dish until she eats something).
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