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kitten kneading

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Hello everyone .
My 14 week old male kitten has picked up a bad habit .
Recently he began coming on my bed and he starts to knead and at the same time he seems to be sucking on the blanket . Its becoming quite annoying . He makes little sucking noises and gets the blanket all wet .
I try telling him no , I throw him off the bed . I gave him another small towel kind of the same material and got him a lil chew toy .
Can anyone offer any suggestions ? Thank You

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I believe this is just something cats do to comfort themselves, like a small child sucking their thumb. He's still quite young, and I don't know if it's something they grow out of or not. If it really bothers you try throwing the small towel over the blanket you use, which might help transfer his behavior to an item you find more acceptable. I also wonder if your scent on the blanket might be why he finds it comforting - if he doesn't take to the towel right away try sleeping with it a few nights and see if it helps.
Two of my cats, who were rescued when they were very little, do that. One of them is about to turn 1 year old, and the other one is a year and a half. Both are sons of the same feral mother.

When I found out they do it to comfort themselves because they were weaned too early, I never tried to stop them. They have their own fleece blanket to suck, and I don't use them on my bed anymore. I'm sure this behavior can be changed but I suggest you consider not doing so since this could cause your cat stress and anxiety, which could lead to other problems...

Just a thought.

Good luck! :wink
Kneading is definitely a comfort thing. Because he is still very little, I would recommend you just let him do it. He probably won't do the sucking thing for very long. Lots of cats are kneaders though. I find that mine do it to make their spot extra comfortable.
I wouldn't call it a bad habit. It's just something kitties do for comfort. They usually grow out of it.
It's just what kittens, and in some cases, cats do. If the kneading hurts, then it's probably time for a nail trim.

As for the sucking, I agree that you could probably just throw a towel over your blanket and transfer his attention there.
Most cats I've owned have been kneaders, I figure they were just tenderizing their spot before they lay down, like a human fluffing their pillow.
your cat is very young to be separated from his mother and siblings. This is extremely normal behavior please do not treat it like a bad habit. he needs the comfort and reassurance, just like little kids need their blankets or whatever.
My older cats are not kneaders, so i was actually thrilled the one and only time my youngest (now 9 month old) came up and kneaded my arm before falling asleep. It told me she found me comforting to be beside. She was quite young when I got her at 10 -11 weeks(she was a sick stray), where all my other ones were a lot older before they left their mom.

I would just use the towel or go buy a plushy type baby blanket for the little one.
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