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Friends of mine got two kittens a couple of weeks ago. They were brother & sister and had been outside. She is making them inside kittens. They are about 10 - 11 weeks old. Their have used their litter box, but the boy also pees on beds and clothing. How do you train them not to do this? My kitten took to the litter box really well. I took her there everything she ate for the first week. My husband and I also did the silly "Good Ming" and clapped and kissed her. (I always thought people that praised their kids for peeing in the potty were crazy, but here we're doing it for a cat!) I've moved her litter box a few times and just show it to her and praise her again and she goes back to it. The vet told them to lock the two of them in their cat carrier with kitty litter at night; however, that's obviously not working. Any suggestions? I'm not sure if they followed what I did or not.
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