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Both of these girls are my kitties but they live with my parents.

Kitten is a 9 year old kitten (in size). :p She squawks instead of meows and is adorably stupid. She was the sweetest baby and is still just as sweet! She was born with the congenital defect dermoid sinus, a condition found in Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs. She was happy and healthy until abscesses began to rupture on her upper hip near the base of her tail. She had emergency surgery where they found the sinus and hair growing on her insides, so all but the base of the stalk was removed from underneath the muscles surrounding her spine. I am so thankful she made it through the awful surgery (20+ staples along her hip and leg!) and is happy today.

As a baby..


(She was great with the boys when they were kittens, but they were half her size! lol!)

Now for Somebunny! I went to a Petsmart adoption to look at cats when the guy who ran the rescue randomly asked me if I wanted to foster a cat. An old couple stood by with a carrier and inside was a very unhappy kitty. The wife explained tearfully that they found her lodged in between cactus plants as a baby, saved her and brought her home but their dog was very violent with cats. So she stayed cooped up in a crate for over 6 months being terrorized by this dog. No one would take her so it was either the crate or being put down at the shelter. She was absolutely traumatized. When they told me they had no foster to take her, I agreed.

Lol, look at that hissy face all because I peeked in the door! :lol: To say she was mean was an understatement. She was downright violent, but it wasn't her fault. She was overstimulated and understimulated at the same time. She wasn't used to human contact and would attack upon the stimulation, so she would instead pet herself on objects constantly and attack me for no reason. She couldn't handle any place other than the bathroom. So I just let her attack me and brought in Johnboy, who helped her a great deal. She is better nowadays.. not completely. She still is incredibly violent with those who act afraid or cross her boundaries. But I really enjoy having earned her trust. I can smooch all over her face now and pick her up, etc., and she's in complete spoiled heaven at my parents house!

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