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Kitten stopped pooping everywhere!!

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My kitten Samara has finally stopped using everywhere BUT the litter box to do her business. We had a total of 6 cats and 3 litter boxes before, and now we are down to 4 cats. I think the problem was, that there was too many cats using the litter boxes. Now I scoop every other day, and I put fresh clumping litter in the boxes (before it was the normal kind). She appears to be using the litter now...but she doesn't quite cover her business :? I think one of the other cats does it for her now lol
Maybe this story will help any other people who have a problem similar to my old one :lol:
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Cat_Woman wasn't the girl from the movie "The Ring" called Samara :shock: ? ANyways I am not superstitious nor do I think the facts of that movie can be real I just think it is funny if you did name her after that wicked little girl :wink:
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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