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Kitten stopped pooping everywhere!!

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My kitten Samara has finally stopped using everywhere BUT the litter box to do her business. We had a total of 6 cats and 3 litter boxes before, and now we are down to 4 cats. I think the problem was, that there was too many cats using the litter boxes. Now I scoop every other day, and I put fresh clumping litter in the boxes (before it was the normal kind). She appears to be using the litter now...but she doesn't quite cover her business :? I think one of the other cats does it for her now lol
Maybe this story will help any other people who have a problem similar to my old one :lol:
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Statements about the amount of litterboxes to have are based on average findings, including those of cats with known behavoiral elimination issues.

To help prevent any inappropriate elimination habits from forming yes, you should have AT LEAST 1 litter box, per cat, per level of your home. I have 3 cats, I have only one story to my home, I have 3 litter boxes.
For sanitation reasons, specially if you have 4 cats and only a few litter boxes, you should scoop them once or twice a day, not every other day, dirty litterboxes can also prevent a cat from wanting to use them.

If you are having problems with a cat not using their litter box, it's not some scam by vets, the first place you should look at is their boxes, do you have enough, are they clean enough, do you have the right type size and covered, and are you using a proper litter. [/list]
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