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Kitten swats dog

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I have two dogs and three cats. One dog has diabetes and is partially Blind. The youngest kitten seems to be fearful of this dog. Whenever the kitten is near the dog the kitten swats at the dogs nose making her yelp does anyone have any ideas how to correct this behavior
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Wow, no one has a suggestion?
I can only suggest petting the dog and the kitten together letting the kitten know that it's not right to attack the dog. I know what I would do, but it's not easy to describe. The kitten needs to be shown that what it is doing is not acceptable. It might take a long time. If it's possible, another suggestion might be to grab the kitten after an attack, stroke the dog and show sympathy, the put the kitten into a lock down situation. If it's smart, then it will learn that attacks on the dog get it isolated. This is much like the technique I believe is sometimes used to correct young children's misbehaviour.

I'm not sure this will work, but it might be worth a try. The kitten must understand that you love them both.

I got adult Zenobi to understand that biting me was unacceptable, and it's taken a long time but Missy is much more gentle with her claws these days. (fingers crossed)
I would yell, maybe (yell is a little harsh) but at least in a raised voice. "(cat's name) don't do that". I would then put the kitty in in a closed room for awhile. I wouldn't go the route of jealousy giving both attention. This may well enforce the kittens behaivor. Both of my cats know what "NO" means. Don't know if it is word recognition or tone of my voice.
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