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kitten tails?

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first of all just wanted to say Hi, im a newbie :)

i got two small kittens yesterday, aged 7 weeks.
they seem perfectly healthy, eating very well, drinking etc. playful.

the mother cat had a sort of stumpy tail with a kink in it. she and the dad were healthy too cept for slightly funny tail.

aparently the litter of kittens before mine some had stumpy tails too.

now these two boys i got yesterday have got what feels like 'kinks' in the bones in the tail. they still carry and move their tails like normal, and its not glaringly obvious. just wondered if this was common with kittens? will they eventually loose the 'bends'? they dont look bent but you can feel it in the tails, their tails are not drooping or anything.
could they have inherited it off the mother?
:?: :?:
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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