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Been a few days since i have been able to get on :wink but was outside doing yard work and waiting on my daughter's school bus, when once again, I hear desperate.. trust me desperate crying.. So I haul my SO out of work mode.. and we begin searching. Yep another kitten.. somewhere around 10 to 12 weeks. Wasn't hard to find after all, it was calling very loudly and all but ran up our feet when we approached it. It seems to like to be held, and ready to eat (ok.. ravanously ate whatever we put in front of it, poor thing hissed spit, bit, and scratched anything that got close while food was down).

Last year sometime around november we had found one, and yes they look Identical. Since I have yet to see a female cat that looks like either of these in the few ferals I see around, I am beginning to have the inkling that someone is letting their house cat drop these, then tossing them out the door when they get mobile. I have never found more then one at any given time, but they all look remarkably alike. at leaast they are mostly white with points on ears and tails and smudgy markings between the ears and sometimes feet..

Vet can't see Her(?) until monday night. And kids are already lobbying to keep this one. Its going to be a long weekend!!

And yes my other cats and dog are waiting patiently to see if I ever let it out of Quaranteen
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