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Rosalie's babies will be a month old this week :) (tomorrow & thur make 4 wks, the 8th & 10th make a month).

All kittens are doing extremely well :) Bast (the oldest) is the only one thus far that's been brave enough to venture around the living room and follow us around the house. The other 3 stick to their corner. They're all playing with the toys (jingly balls) that are there and with each other and with Rosie. They had a day or two when they all hissed at the dogs, which was adorable to see, but after Sasha gave them each a rather thorough bath, they all stopped and now love on them whenever they're close by, lol. Rosalie is being a wonderful doting mother and spends most of her time with them, either cleaning or just playing with them. I'm so glad that her mom instinct kicked in when it did and it's wonderful to see her with her babies. Zoey, on the other hand, still has nothing nice to "say" about any of them. She'll get close but once they start to go near her she'll growl and walk away.

It's so exciting to watch them grow into beautiful big kittens. I could spend hours watching them play and walk around and just, do their thing (and sometimes I do, lol). It's hard to believe in another 6-ish weeks they'll be moving on to their new homes. I still need to find homes for the 2 boys (Anubis & Seth) though I may have found a home for Anubis, it's just a wait and see kinda thing (since there's already 3 cats in the household, 1 who may, soon, be PTS for old age/health reasons). They'll all (including Rosie) will be getting spayed/neutered in about 3-4 more weeks (when they reach 2lbs) before they go on to their new homes :)

Anywho, just wanted to pop in and update on the babies since I know it's been a bit of a while. I put up some pics later tonight (hopefully) if not tomorrow and a video or two if I can get photobucket to cooperate with me :)
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