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Kitten Urinating Everywhere

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I've got a problem that is growing increasingly larger. We have a Turkish Angora kitten who is now almost seven months old. We've had him since he was weaned.

From the time we first got Halo, we realized he liked to snuggle up in closets and mounds of clothes and urinate. He certainly knows how to use the litterbox, and it gets cleaned every day. Unfortunately, it doesn't curb his habit of 'nesting' and peeing.

This has created several problems for us. We've gotten to the point of installing child proof locks on our kitchen sink and closets because he likes to push them open and go. We keep our bedroom door soundly closed, but there always seems the minute it's open, he's in there and doing his business. We don't catch him at it often, but when we do, there's the usual deterrent: spray him with water, tell him NO in a stern voice, and the like. Unfortunately, it's not helping at all.

How do we stop him from urinating on blankets, towels, clothing, etc? Is there any way to stop him from peeing in the same spot, over and over? Can you suggest anything to get that wretched smell out of fabric? We've tried nearly everything to get out the smell and stain, but nothing's worked so far. Any recommendations would be more than welcome.
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well i heard a product called Nature's Miracle Just For Cats works well for getting the smells out. I've never tried it myself as i've never had the problem... but i also heard that maybe putting lemmon scented stuff, or lemmon rinds around there would be a good kitty deterent as supposively cats hate the smell. But Tiber is always very interested in my grapefruits! So i dont know if it will help, but its worth a try!
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